Caring for my child's dental health

How do I maintain good oral health for my children?

Looking after a child’s teeth is not a complicated or difficult business, but it is very important if we want them to grow up with a healthy set of teeth which will hopefully set them up for life if they continue to take care of them as they should. Our children will live with the results of our efforts for the rest their lives and it is up to us to ensure that we give them the best possible chances. 

As parents, it is important that we take control and not give in to our child’s every demand for sweets; hopefully they will thank us for it later on in life even if we are not popular now.

Small children often learn by imitation and parents should set the right example by taking good care of their own teeth. Visits to a child friendly dentist in Derbyshire should be a family affair including all children and adults. Regular visits will allow children to become familiar with the dentist.

Parents need to teach their children to:

Clean their teeth properly
Visit a dentist regularly
Use decay preventing Fluoride and protective treatments
Avoid sugar rich snacks and drinks


Children’s teeth should be brushed with a fluoride toothpaste before sleep and at least once more each day. 
Brushing should last for two minutes and they should be shown the correct way to brush. 
Children should be taught not to swallow toothpaste but rather to spit it out. 
The correct use of floss should be demonstrated and encouraged once they are old enough. 


Visit a patient friendly dentist regularly.
The dentist will recommend a suitable check-up frequency.
Dentists can provide special protective treatments to reduce and prevent decay.
A treatment with fluoride varnish makes teeth more resistant to decay because it strengthens the tooth enamel.
The surface of teeth can be coated with fissure sealants, a type of plastic coating, which can prevent small grooves from trapping germs and food particles.


Sugar in food and drinks is a major source of tooth decay.
It should be avoided, especially in snacks between meals or after brushing before sleep.
To avoid tooth decay, always brush teeth after eating sugar snacks. 

None of these things which help to keep our children’s teeth in great condition are especially difficult. However, they are habits that need to be learned and once learned, hopefully they will not be forgotten easily.