Hull Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental treatments available in Hull

Hull offers a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments for those living in Yorkshire and the Humberside area:

What cosmetic dental treatments are available in Hull ?

There are a large number of both NHS and private dental practices in Hull which offer treatments to improve the health, look and whiteness of your teeth. Why not have a look at the list of cosmetic dentists in Hull here.

Teeth Whitening
Although, as we get older, our teeth naturally darken, we probably speed up this process with our consumption of tea, coffee and red wine. Thankfully there is now a simple teeth whitening procedure that can be done without anesthetic and within approximately an hour. The dentist simply applies a whitening gel and activates it through a light source. This leaves the patient with a beautiful set if white teeth and the procedure can be repeated without damage to the teeth.

Dental Implants
With over a 95% success rate, dental implants have become the preferred procedure for replacing missing teeth. By placing a titanium screw into the jawbone, the bone itself will bond with the screw in a process known as osseointegration. Because of this bond, a very strong base is formed upon which a replacement tooth can be attached. With care, a dental implant should last around 30 years.

Gum Contouring
Usually caused by genetic factors or through side effects of blood pressure medication, some people have the misfortune of suffering from a gummy smile. This is when the gum covers up a disproportionate amount of the teeth leaving the sufferer reluctant to smile. Cosmetic dentists can now correct this by gum contouring which involves the trimming of the excess gum, usually by laser which helps to seal the gums helping to stop bleeding. This simple procedure will improve the life quality of sufferers significantly.

A non invasive treatment, a bridge is simply a false tooth, or perhaps a few teeth, that are attached to an adjacent tooth by a strong bonding cement. The strength of this bridge largely depends on the quality of the tooth or teeth it is attached to. To add extra security, especially where the bridge is made of more than one replacement tooth, the bridge can be secured by dental implants.

When a crown is required, or dental veneers are to be fitted. Traditionally, a dentist will take a physical impression of the tooth which will then be sent to a dental laboratory to be manufactured. CEREC is a new chair side technology which allows the impression to be taken using 3d technology, and from this digital impression the replacement tooth or veneer can be manufactured in the practice itself, meaning that the patient walks out the same day with their new tooth instead of having to repeat the visit several weeks later.

Invisible Braces
"Braces" For many children this was the dreaded word they did not want to hear from a dentist. After all, who wants to walk around with wire showing in the mouth? Thankfully progress has been made and it is now possible to have invisible braces. These are made from a transparent material which is gradually adjusted to correct the alignment of the teeth. Another benefit is that they are very easy to remove whilst eating which avoids the problem of the old style braces which allowed food particles to get trapped easily.