Travelling overseas for dental treament

Many options for cost effective dentistry abroad

Once of the fastest growing businesses in recent years has been that of facilitating people's travel abroad for what is often termed 'dental tourism or a "dental holiday"'. Worldwide, it is thought that around 40 million people opt to travel abroad for medical procedures and a growing number of these are those people opting for dental treatment abroad instead of in their own country. Why is this the case though, especially in countries such as the UK when dental care is covered by the National Health Service? Well, some may argue from a political perspective that the funding, and therefore the treatment, is in decline. Whilst there is very likely some truth in this, the fact is that most dentists in the UK do a pretty good job; however, the types of procedures that can be performed given the allocated budget is limited. To keep up to date with all of the latest developments in dentistry such as dental implants would mean long, extensive and very expensive training which the NHS budget largely does not extend to. Unfortunately, whilst some procedure such as tooth whitening can correctly be classed as 'cosmetic', many procedures such as dental implants are also put into this category, when in fact they can greatly improve the function of a person's teeth as well as their appearance.

Using dental implants as an example though, it starts to make sense why people opt for dental treatment abroad instead of in the UK. Because the prices of cosmetic dentistry are not regulated and the free market is allowed to rule, many cosmetic dental procedures are extremely expensive and often out of many people's financial reach.

Naturally, with the rise of celebrity culture, people are starting to notice that these people often have perfect teeth and want to emulate this. However, on visiting their local cosmetic dentist, they are discovering that this procedure does not come cheap. Not to be defeated though, many people have now started to look into travelling abroad to have their dental implants placed, and are discovering that despite the cost of the air fare and accommodation, they can still save a significant amount of money by having them done abroad, as well as getting a mini break out of it as well.

Cosmetic dentists abroad have been astute to recognise the appeal of an ‘all in’ package and most will include both flights and good quality accommodation alongside the dental implants. This means that the patient will not only be able to travel back with a new smile but will be able to take a few days to recover in their luxury hotel room or by the pool for the first few days after the implant has been placed.

A lot of people have found this an advantage, especially if they come from a situation that demands their constant attention such as being a parent. However well meaning a partner may be, if you have young children, they simply won’t be able to understand that you really need to recover before playing with them. Being away gives you a complete break from this routine and makes the recovery much more pleasant and gives you a chance to enjoy your new smile.