Fear of the dentist - a big issue for many

Do you suffer from dental phobia?

If you are afraid of visiting your dentist, then welcome to a very large club. Dental phobia is one of the widest phobias around but thankfully, one that the dental profession increasingly recognises.

As with most fears and phobias, the fear is much worse than the reality itself and if you can tell yourself this, you are halfway to winning the battle to keeping your teeth in good condition without the need for extensive treatment. For some people, hypnosis, herbal remedies or meditation can help alleviate their fears but for some, this does not go far enough.

Dentists are usually happy to offer an oral sedation which will help to relax you during the procedure. This can make what a significant period of time seem to pass very quickly in a totally relaxed but conscious state. Some like the Ealing Dental Practice have come up with unusual but effective methods such as the ability to watch TV or a film through specially designed goggles which helps to distract the mind.

In the end though, whichever method you use to help you to keep your appointments at your local dentist, remember that you should make every effort to keep them as missed appointments often lead to long periods without treatment which will result in more extensive and potentially painful treatment further down the line. If the above information does not ease your fears, your doctor may be able to offer prescription medication which will relax you depending on how severe he feels your fears are.