Consideration when choosing a cosmetic dentist

Check the credentials of your dentist carefully before proceeding

Cosmetic dental treatment is a growing business and it can be difficult, especially in a relatively new industry, to know who is reputable and who should be avoided. In the UK this is relatively easy as all dentists have to be registered with a national body and anyone found practicing without a license would face a prison sentence most likely if it was deemed that they had deliberately mislead the public (rather than it being an administrative error.). Whilst cosmetic dentistry is often seen as being purely there to make teeth look nicer, it also functions to help give a person better oral health and can involve sophisticated procedures such as dental implants where they are placed into the jawbone. Because of this, it is of course important to find a well trained clinician to perform this procedure.

So, what should you look for? The first and most obvious thing of course is that they are a legitimate business; it is nearly certain that they will be if they are UK based but if you are in any doubt, make sure that you check. It is always worth looking at their website too for accreditation and more information about them although having a well designed flashy website does not make them good dentists of course necessarily.

If you are thinking about having some cosmetic dental work done then perhaps the first thing to do is to ask around amongst family, friends and work colleagues and see if anyone has had any work (that they will admit to). If a name crops up several times in a positive light, that is as good a place to start looking as anyway. It is one thing to produce glossy adverts but another to get patients on your side!

The next step then is to contact the dentist in question and arrange to have a consultation with them; these are often offered free in the first instance and gives you a good opportunity to see how the dental practice feels and how you are treated; sometimes just feeling comfortable with a dentist is an excellent place to start. From this initial consultation, the dentist will discuss your needs with you and make suggestions to improve your dental health.

If you have any dental phobias too, it is worth discussing these with your dentist. Most such as those at offer options for nervous patients and remember; it is in the dentist’s interest to keep you happy as they will want to keep your custom too.

He or she may also give a quote at this point and possibly information about dental plans that they may have. If the dental work that is suggested seems expensive, it is worth arranging another consultation elsewhere to get a comparison in price. It isn't always a good idea though to simply go for the cheapest, especially if the difference is not very large; ultimately it will come down to your own instinct of what feels right.

Goof luck with your research and choice!