Revolutionary Rapid Teeth Straightening

Six month smiles cosmetic braces for a new straight smile

The 6 month smile dental procedure is a new type of orthodontic treatment that has transformed the orthodontic industry. It is a contemporary form of dental procedure that originated from the US but has been widely accepted in the UK and other parts of the world. Many people who have issues concerning their teeth alignment are often not happy about how their teeth look. However, most of the people are not eager to wear ugly metal braces on their teeth for two to three years because they believe that this will affect the appearance of their teeth and affect their self esteem on the outside world.

Nevertheless, the arrival of six month smiles braces has made it possible for all those who can afford the process to have aligned within only 6 months and regain back their lost self esteem. The best aspect of this 6 month smile brace is its possibility for use in correcting many teeth alignment issues such as crossbite, underbite, crowded teeth, openbite, overjet, misplaced midline teeth etc. it is an ideal choice for many cases because of the ease of use of the braces. A patient needs to consult a local cosmetic dentist to ensure that this is the best option for them as there are other options available.

A qualified dentist will be able to advise on the applicability of the treatment after proper and careful analysis of the teeth condition.

Advantages of 6 month smile brace treatment include:

The pain and discomfort during the procedure is very minimal and unnoticed 6 month smile brace treatment takes a shorter period of time compared to other treatment which involves brace wearing over a period of time. When comparing the cost of other treatment like Invisalign with that of six month smile brace, it is cheaper and costs almost half of other treatment. The brackets and the wires are tooth coloured and are hardly visible enabling the patient to continue comfortably with the daily life like before.


It works for many but not all.